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Adela Townley

Soon after I began seeing Cora I became officially addicted to working out. I’ve always been a runner, but I had no idea how much weight training could transform my body! Nobody else could make getting your butt kicked so enjoyable.

Clay Daniells

When I arrived at Laguna Fitness on December 1, 2009, I thought I was pretty fit. What I discovered was that I was pretty fat (that’s what Cora said). After 2 sessions I bought 100 and it has been the best investment ever.

Laurie Sokola

Fitness and health are now a lifestyle for me. Thanks to Cora, I have never felt better or looked so good. Private training with Cora has been a spiritual and physical gift to me.

Randy Boyd

My 50th birthday was an opportunity to reevaluate my life. I decided to make health and fitness a priority. Cora's workouts challenge me mentally and physically and are tailored to my goals. I have been a client for almost five year.

Paula Hornbuckle

My workouts with Cora began in October, 2009. By the next January I had lost twenty pounds. I credit my progress to Cora's no-nonsense approach. Her motto is, "Train hard or go home." Well, because of Cora I wear miniskirts and feel fabulous!

Kirk Reidinger

Cora pushed me through my plateau. Her workouts are tailored to my priorities and she revamped my eating habits. Personal training in a private gym got me focused and achieving strength gains beyond my goals.

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Tel: 949. 497. 1936
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