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Training with Cora is fun. A commitment of at least twice-weekly training at Laguna Fitness is recommended for 6 months to give you results you can see.

Month one In the your first 30 days expect to see immediate weight loss with minor changes in body shape. Key in this period is to stay consistent and avoid injury.
Month two More weight loss in your face and core. Expect to see changes in large muscle groups, especially arms and shoulders.
Month three Now you are kicking. If you are adhering to Cora's strict instructions, you have experienced significant weight loss. With that change comes the emergence of something you may have never seen—abdominal muscles.
Month four Leg workouts are starting to show results. Quads and calves are being reshaped and your butt is getting nice and round from those painful lunges. Your chest is seeing good results with new cleavage.
Month five The perfect balance of weight, cardio and nutrition training has created a new you. Your arms are lean and muscular, your stomach is flat and cut, your legs are strong and your back is being reshaped into a deep, powerful V.
Month six You stud!!!

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